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Office Executive Revolving chair Service

office Executive chair servicing includes replacement of parts, fabric/mechanism upholstery,Shampoo washing,Cleaning Services among others. Find parts of any office Executive chair, whether it is imported or locally manufactured. The list include: Hydraulics (gas lift), Chair Base (nylon & chrome,steel), Chair Mechanism (synchro, tilting & push back), Wheels, Adjustable Handles, Arm Rest Pad, D Handles, Y Handles, Back Knob, ABS Back and Molded Cushion.Our hydraulics Gas lift and mechanism even come with standard warranty terms.

We Provide Good services such as repairing ,changing new fabric and cushions for old worn out chairs,changing and Repairing gas lift for Revolving chairs ,changing metal or nylon fiber base & wheels and tilting mechanism for push-back chairs.

we offer these services at a reasonable and affordable prices we use only genunie and quality branded.All types of Executive Revolving chair , whether fabric, mechanism, task or executive leather, need regular servicing to ensure it remains in optimum working condition.

Not just that, a well serviced rolling chair further ensures best working environment and prevents muscle pains and contributes to productivity With experience of many years and clients ranging from small business organizations to MNC's,Hospitals, in Madurai, Friends service is Ready to handle any servicing/repair needs that might arise.

To Get a Appointment visit or request a quotation for commercial/corporate/Bank/Hospitals servicing or AMC (annual maintenance contract) call with us.Your Office Revolving chair didnot work up and down we will fix it. We will Repair your office Revolving chair no matter how damaged it is?Our Price are Very low compared to other service centers or Technicians.If your Are in Doubt,Inquire with the three Service centers or Technican and then contact us please email us at friendsservice92@gmail.com or contact to our executive on +91 9790458725.

Revolving ,sofa Chair Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning Services

Has your chair lost its Cushion,Cloth,Foam? Need to get a new fabric,Cushion should be stitched? Friends service can help you bring your chairs back to life. Our fabric upholstery will restore worn-out and damaged chairs back to a new condition.With regards to change the upholstery services, we work on both fabric as well asleather chairs. We understand your requirement, select your choice of color and proceed with the fresh stitching of fabric on to your chairs. Not just Revolving chairs, we also deal with upholstery of Visitor chair ,small and big sofas.

Simply decide the choice of color, foam or even the pattern needed on the fabric and we will handle the rest in a professional manner. We have a large library of fabrics that you can choose from. Our economical pricing will also ensure the project does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Friends service do upholstery or reupholstery on single chairs or residential chairs. We deal with commercial projects involving a large volume.

Besides fabric chairs, Friends service also handles upholstery/reupholstery of rexin and full leather chairs. You dont need to discard those old costly chairs anymore. With just a little investment you can get a chair as new as you first purchased.

During the upholstery process, if any parts such as handles, base, or other damaged portions need a replacement, Our Technician shall immediately inform and do the needful. We will ensure all of it is taken care without the need for a new service provider.

Other services you can obtain alongside upholstery include: Chair Washing, Chair Parts Replacement, Chair Servicing (oil & tightening) and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).